Sentinel Gaming Systems
The Sentinel is looking out for youTM


High Performance

Hardware Time Limits

Study Mode

These gaming desktop computers feature top performing Intel i5 and i7 multi-core processors with discrete video graphics cards optimized for the latest video games and supporting up to 3 graphics displays.   All systems come standard with the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System and can play all Windows 10 compatible PC games IN ADDITION to XBOX 360 and XBOX One games using the Windows 10 streaming feature and your console. Three operating modes - Gaming, Study and No-video optimize use of the computer without compromise.

Operation of the system is monitored and limited by dedicated and secure Sentinel hardware that cannot be removed without disabling the computer internal hardware.  A user can serve as the Windows 10 System Administrator while parents set limits on when and how long the system can be used. Parents can REMOTELY restrict or enable use and monitor screen activity while the computer is in use. The GamePlay PlusTM feature extends game play time automatically without disruption of the game in progress.
Happier gamers equals happier parents.

Proprietary Study Mode allows users to operate the system with all features at full performance EXCEPT the video refresh rate is slowed to dramatically limit the ability to play video games or watch YouTube or Netflix. This makes the system ideal for use with on-line education. In Study Mode the computer can be used to read, write, browse the web for research and even view many video based lectures without the temptation of gaming or watching other video content. With the Sentinel Gaming System, this is the only system you need for work and play!

All Gaming, No Drama

If excess or problematic computer use has been an issue for your family, the Sentinel Gaming System can help. It is the first system designed from the ground up to make gaming more enjoyable for both gamers and their family. It offers many advanced features to enhance the gaming experience and to maintain limit settings as defined by parents. Although parental controls are available on virtually all personal computers and gaming consoles, tech-savvy users can often find easy workarounds.  Just a quick web search will show them how. The Sentinel Gaming System time limits are never set on the target system but are accessed via the web. Time limit settings allow down to the minute limits on when and how long the computer can be used in each of its three operating modes and for up to 8 different users. While the Sentinel hardware does  not enforce web filtering or restrict access to certain web sites it may be used with operating system, router or even DNS services to provide these functions.  Sentinel Gaming Systems are unique in that the user can be the Operating System System Administrator and can even change operating systems or even run off of a USB thumb drive and Sentinel hardware enforced limits continue to be maintained.

Have Questions?

The Sentinel Gaming System is only available for purchase  through the Computer Gaming Addiction Treatment Program of Southern California.  Call the number below for more information on how to purchase.