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The gaming system
 a parent can love


Meet the Sentinel 

Meet the worlds first small form factor personal computer designed for the prevention and treatment of problematic computer/video gaming. Whether your child is currently gaming to excess or you want to prevent this from happening, the Sentinel can help. While software-based parental controls are available on virtually all personal computers and gaming consoles, they often fall short in the real world. Tech-savvy users can easily find workarounds and obviously they are of no use when the user is also the computer's system administrator. 

Parenting is hard enough without requiring parents become computer experts to manage their children's technology usage. The Sentinel Gaming System incorporates capabilities that makes limit setting simple, convenient and less stressful. Settings are conveniently managed on-line from any web browser with internet access - anywhere in the world. The Sentinel Gaming System also brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this computer will never be operated at times and in ways you didn't authorize.


High Performance,
Low Drama

The Sentinel Gaming Systems feature top performing Intel multi-core processors with discrete desktop video graphics cards optimized for the latest video games. These systems support up to 3 displays, full 4k UHD resolution and are VR ready.  All systems come standard with the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.

Unlike other personal computers, a user can have full System Administrator privileges while parents set limits on when and how long the system can be used. The operation and physical integrity of the system is continuously monitored. If tampering is detected, the system will be locked down until reset by authorized personnel. 

Real time monitoring and settings updates allow parents to remotely view screen images in real time and add, subtract and change currently allowed use settings. A current login can be extended or even ended immediately.    

Screen warnings signal the user that time is expiring on the current user's login. If the user does not shut down the system, or has available play extensions, the system will shut down automatically. No need to fight with your child to get them off the computer. 


Gaming is fun again!

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Gaming Starts
AFter Schoolwork
is complete

Computers are a necessity for your child's education. Traditional schools require access to a computer to look up assignments, research on-line, write papers, communicate with teachers and occasionally watch educational videos. Online schools require even more computer use. With 24/7 media content and on-line video games, computers can also be a huge distraction. That is why we invented Study Mode. Rather than attempt to block web sites or limit applications (which is a hassle and can be easily bypassed), Study Mode limits the display of video content - users can go online, check school assignments and do their homework without the temptation of gaming or watching YouTube videos. The Screen Image capture feature allows parents to monitor their child's online activity remotely to ensure they remain on task. 

The Manual Gaming Enable feature, prevents gaming use until the parent specifically enables use for that day (easily done online). Parents can check homework, chores or other responsibilities have been completed before allowing gaming for that day.

"just a few more minutes"

STOP THE MADNESS! GamePlay+ extends game play time upon the user's request automatically without requiring parental intervention (i.e. pesky emails) and without the disruption of the game in progress. The number of allowed extensions and the duration of each extension is set in advance. During the last 2 minutes of allowed time, the user presses front panel buttons to request the extension. If allowed, the time extends. Once the game has ended, the user will be less likely to start a new game knowing that there will not be enough time. This reduces angry outbursts and potential violence resulting from abrupt, disrupted play. Happy gamers equals happy parents.

no worries

Perhaps the Sentinel Gaming System's greatest benefit is the piece of mind parents have knowing the system can't be operated at times and in ways not allowed. Your child may have been able to outsmart your attempts at parental controls before. Perhaps they learned how to bypass the parental control settings or they even reinstalled the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Perhaps they downloaded content to watch after you shut off the internet. Do you remember when they found where you hid the power cord? You no longer have to play their "Beat the Parents" game. That game is over. The Sentinel does not rely on operating system or software parental controls to enforce limits. A custom motherboard, dedicated hardware and remote servers are constantly monitoring operation and sets the Sentinel apart from any other personal computer system in the world. 

Your child's future is at stake

Your child loves to play video games and perhaps this has come out of balance with important responsibilities. Excess video game play  puts your child at risk for academic and occupational problems, social isolation, delays in emotional and physical development, family conflict, depression, anxiety, repetitive stress injuries and even addiction to the games themselves.  

The Sentinel Gaming System is the culmination of over 15 years of experience working with parents to set effective limits on gaming and also draws upon our award winning technology. It was designed for the prevention and treatment of video game addiction. The Sentinel Gaming System could be the most valuable purchase you could make to protect your child's future.